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Modular Music Creation

HYPH technology allows single instrument recordings to be combined with each other. The user only needs to give simple inputs and our system serves up recordings that are a sonic match.

Immersive Video Experiences

Our team is always pushing the boundaries in video creation. By using filters and AR/VR technology, it gives you a more realistic and interactive way to enjoy your favorite videos. We understand that creators look for new ways to engage their audiences and we're here to help.

Transparent Creative Commerce

Look, we have over 75 collective years of experience in the commercial music industry, we know…it’s not the most creator-friendly place. HYPH is different. We offer transparency and accountability in every step of the monetization process.

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Computers don't make music, people do.

Work @ HYPH

We're always on the lookout for new talent. At HYPH, our drive to innovate and reimagine is what propels us to invest in our team.

Our diverse teams are relentless in their pursuit of progress to make creation easy and accessible to all.

Community Manager


Los Angeles, CA | Remote-Hybrid


Full Stack Engineer


Stockholm, Sweden | Remote


Webflow Admin/UX Designer


Unites States | Remote