You are music

Hyph is where everyone can create and share content to express themselves socially with commercial quality user-generated music.
HYPH - Appöication

Unleash your creativity

Hyph - ReHyph
Hyph empowers you to create music effortlessly. Create unique tracks using an array of professional sounds, tools, and filters.
Hyph - Share
Share your creations with friends or showcase your talent on social media.
Hyph - Community
Hyph isn't just an app, it's a community of creators.  Connect with fellow creators, find inspiration, and elevate your self-expression.
Hyph - Sounds
Immerse yourself in a vast collection of expertly crafted sounds, all recorded by real musicians.
Hyph - Application
Hyph - Application

Create your song with just a few swipes

Hyph - Styles
Whether it's Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock, or something entirely unique, Hyph has a style for you.
Hyph - Recording
Record your own voice and experiment with intone (pitch correction) and vocal filters.
Hyph - Swpye sound
Easily add, remove, and swap instruments with a swipe. Blend genres seamlessly to create your own unique musical masterpiece.
Hyph - Video
Enhance your tracks with stunning visuals. Customize cover photos and videos to represent your individual sound and style. Your music, your art, your way.

A community built around self-expression

Unleash your creativity, connect with fellow creators, and make your mark on a platform where self-expression knows no bounds.

"Crafting beats on Hyph is addictive"

Alex, 24

"The option to share across platforms is a game-changer"

Olivia, 25

"It's like the app reads my mind"

Georgia, 16

"Redefines music creation for me"

Mia, 20

"Creating melodies on Hyph is a really fun experience"

Emily, 20

"Hyph brings my beats to life"

Jake, 21